That Thing You Always Do!


There is hardly anything that I love more than family traditions. I don’t even care what they are or what event they are for. They are the thread that binds a family together and makes them unique.

When I was growing up with four sisters, one of our traditions was that my mom ALWAYS took us to get a new outfit when we were going to a party, had a special occasion at school, or had a social or church event.

The Preparation for Celebration!

As we are now preparing to celebrate our seventh grandchild’s arrival in about seven or eight weeks, I have a great reason to celebrate! Although my mom is gone and my kids, who also had this tradition in their childhood, are grown, I got a new outfit!

I had to.

There will be pictures! Nothing I already had worn is worthy of this special occasion. They are not finding out what they’re having, so I found the perfect outfit (I’m a very theme oriented person), a super trendy, BOHO, embroidered- beige on beige- top that I paired with some super fun pants, sporting alternating pink AND blue stripes. How fitting!

I don’t know what family traditions you celebrate, but I hope you have some. A special meal, a traveling item between family members, a picture that you re-pose over and over again are a few examples you could add. These are the strings that weave your family together.

One of my favorite questions to ask others is about their family traditions. Especially at the holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, things they do make it what they “remember” in their childhood minds.

If you don’t know what your traditions are, ask your kids, “what is something we do that you enjoy?”

They know! And it may surprise you! Even if you weren’t aware that you had done it more than once or twice, they will remember, and that becomes special to them.

We started a new tradition five years ago that will be my favorite forever! We call it KINGfest. It is a weekend in July for being with our kids and their families. There is only one plan: time together, not a holiday, recital, birthday, sports event, or other celebration. It takes place over a weekend, but KINGfest is one day, the 3rd Saturday of July, forever. We all know it and keep it set aside. We have a unique t-shirt, take some family pictures, share in making meals, have a craft to do, games to play, time to visit, and a family talent show. As the grands get older, I’m sure some will have conflicts, but I hope it grows and grows!

I hope you’re celebrating life every day! It is a journey with ups and downs, but traditions are what keeps you going forward while remembering your past!

Need some ideas:

-Mark the same spot on a doorway for your child’s height on their birthday.
-Create a happiness jar. At dinner, everyone shares the happiest moment of their day.
-Have the same meal on the same day every week.
-Family talent show
-Show and tell night
-Take a daily or weekly family walk
-Read bedtime stories (yes, even THOSE books you’ve read a thousand times. And don’t skip a word, they will know!)
-Monthly Mommy/Daddy date with each child
-Join a community service project

Whatever yours is, please do it! Remember it and celebrate it!

See you at KINGfest! Oh, Wait! Only my 15 “KINGS” (and counting😉) are invited!

Keep doing That Thing YOU do! Your kids will love it! And remember what Mary Engelbreit says, “Every day is a holiday!”