Five Friday Favorites: February 5th Edition


    I love a good alliteration. Here are my five favorites that are getting me through the week!


    Heyday wireless Bluetooth earbuds

    For $10, these earbuds are a steal. I love listening to podcasts and music with bad words while I clean, cook, or when I need something else in my head. These have held up really well, the sound is good, and the battery lasts around six hours. I charge them overnight, and they are ready to go in the morning.


    “You’re Wrong About” Podcast

    Mike and Sarah have become my best friends. I have made my way through a good portion of their podcast and have the t-shirt and sticker to prove it. They cover various topics, including several episodes on the O.J. Simpson trial, D.A.R.E., Tonya Harding, and a Princess Diana series.


    Balm Dotcom by Glossier

    This lip balm is my holy grail. It’s a universal skin salve that has saved my lips and my lizard skin. I purchase the Balm Dotcom Trio and get free shipping. My favorite flavors are the original (unscented), rose, and their limited edition wild fig. The scents are light, and some have a sheer wash of color. 


    Avarelle Acne Cover Patch

    Yes, I have silver hairs and zits. Awesome, right? Totally. I found these zit stickers on Amazon, and they are amazing! Whenever I find a new big zit, I wait until it’s ready to pop, pop it (I know), and put one of these stickers on them. I leave them on all day (I’m just staying home, or my mask will cover it) and/or overnight. Most of the time, the zit will be flat when I take off the sticker. Sometimes it takes a few days. The stickers suck out all of the gunk (it’s both gross and satisfying). Bonus! You can sign up for the subscribe and save on Amazon and not have to worry about running out while saving some money.


    Schitt’s Creek

    I saved the “simply the best” for last. I have watched Schitt’s Creek on Netflix several times. Having a good day? Schitt’s Creek. Bad day? Schitt’s Creek. It is my favorite show, and I only text in Schitt’s Creek gifs. It’s a masterpiece. Stop reading and watch it!

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