The Most Wonderful Time of Year – Girl Scout Cookies


It’s the most wonderful time of year! That’s right, Girl Scout cookie time. I’ve never been a Girl Scout myself, and I’m sure they’re an incredible organization that does outstanding work in the lives of our youth. However, that’s not why I love them. It’s the cookies, Duke, the cookies!

Here are three reasons why Girl Scout cookies are necessary for all moms: 

1. They’re a good tease. 

That’s right. It’s a tease, a limited time offer that puts mamma bears anxiety in full force and mandates fear. Fear? Yes, fear. Fear that they’ll all be gone soon or that your favorite box of Peanut Butter Patties will be sold out with only your husband’s favorite, Thin Mints, left. We can’t have that, can we? Nope, so we buy the lot! Or at least I do. I’ve never bought as many cookies at one time as I do the one time of year the girl scouts sit outside my grocery store or favorite restaurant. Honestly, I love to hate these little beings that bring such goodness one time a year. There is pure joy in the wonder and wait that are girl scout cookies.  

2. They’re freezable. 

I’m not sure if this is FDA approved, but I freeze them, and yes, I eat them ALL year. I hide them in the back of the freezer behind the frozen vegetables, a location that my husband would never accidentally find. I eat them, 3-7 at a time because I like odd numbers. My freezer is in the garage, so after I buckle my kids into their car seats, I grab a bottle of water from the frig and the miracle cookies from the freezer, shove them in my pocket and go. When July arrives, and I’m sad and lonely for a Caramel deLight, I help myself to the most outrageously delightful treat. Buy a lot of them. Freeze them. It works. 

3. Imposters don’t stand a chance. 

I made a mistake one year of just buying what was in my budget, two boxes. Rookie mistake! Two is never enough, not to mention it doesn’t even cover the plethora of flavors that the girls have to offer. I thought, “oh, it’s fine. Market Street has a box that looks similar. When I get off this keto plan and want to reward myself with a cookie, I’ll get the imposter.” No way! I tried it. I failed. I threw the pretenders away and mourned my poor decisions waiting for the day the originals would return. It’s a long hard road, so don’t make the same mistakes as me. Put the Girl Scout cookies in your budget, so you’re ready for the most wonderful time of year!

If you need a little help with your budget, check out this article

I’m sure you and your mom and children make incredible holiday treats, but it’s time, to be honest. YOU HAVE NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING if you don’t have Girl Scout cookies. And, if you didn’t sing that in your best Whitney Houston voice, you have more to evaluate.  

Grab some cookies, help a troop out, give back to your community, and enjoy those delicious delicacies all year long. 

To buy from a local Girl Scouts troop click here: 

How many boxes do you purchase each year? Tell me in the comments below.