The Perfect Storm


Can you feel it yet?
There’s been a chill in the air. 
A new storm started
with this latest health scare. 

The clouds became dark
and it started to rain.
There’s so much confusion
inside of my brain.

I’m trying my best
to make sense of it all.
With hope of some healing
to come later this Fall.

At first, we were told
there’s nothing to fear.
But now take a look,
the perfect storm is here. 

The world fell sick,
and with more people dying,
it was hard to know the truth,
amongst all of the lying. 

The storm spread out,
the earth started to shake.
Can we trust the news to be real,
or is it all fake?

With so few answers,
and so much unknown,
my head keeps spinning,
just like a cyclone.

The storm chasers came out
when all of it started.
People felt scared,
alone, and broken-hearted.

We were told, “stay home, stay healthy,
and shelter in place.”
But the storm didn’t pass, 
it showed us no grace.

The thunder got louder,
with every lightning strike,
then more fear came
when the numbers began to spike. 

And with energy building
from the storms oscillation,
more people felt trapped
being in constant isolation.  

With nothing to do,
and nowhere to turn,
the fire inside us
started to burn. 

We tried our best
to put out any small flame.
But this new world we lived in
was a whole other game. 

As if our situation
wasn’t already dire,
an old storm picked up
adding fuel to the fire. 

Many were hoping
things would evaporate,
but that does not happen
when hearts are full of hate.

We’ve seen this old storm
between the black and the blue,
many times in history –
sadly, it’s nothing new.

But this old storm feels different,
there’s a much stronger wind.
No one should ever have to fear
the color of their own skin. 

As the two storms collide
unleashing their hail,
we have a choice to rise up together,
or will we continue to fail?

Can we bring calm to the storm,
if we continue to fight?
Can we see through the darkness
if love shines its light?

And when this perfect storm
becomes a thing of the past,
the destruction it has caused
will inevitably last. 

But when the fires stop burning,
and the embers no longer glow,
just look to the sky,
there might be a double rainbow. 

Will we see the storm’s beauty
through all of the haze?
Will we forge a new path, 
or get stuck in old ways? 

So much has changed,
in just this past season.
But I choose to be hopeful,
it will all be for good reason. 

The Perfect Storm
Written by Lacey Cole
June 11, 2020