“I am MOM” by Kara Bishop


Not only is Kara Bishop a wonderfully hilarious mom, but she’s an accomplished writer that’s graciously accepted the Lubbock Moms Blog position of Founding Contributor. She has a gift for sharing her motherhood journey in a way that we can all relate to and want to be a part of! Cash and Chloe, lovingly dubbed Doofus and Diva, never fail to provide plenty of material that Kara turns into social media gold. She’s even put this perfect poem together to introduce the reason we are all here.

“I am mom”

I used to roar

However, now I look around

Completely unsure


I thought I had the answers

There wasn’t a question

But now I can’t hear myself think

Above all the aggression


One friend tells me to vaccinate

Someone else says it’s poison

Some kids talk at 1 year

While my 2-year-old is frozen


He needs therapy someone says

He needs to change his diet says one mother

“My son was talking in complete sentences”

“Is he mouth-breathing when he sleeps?” asks another


Post after post on social media

All explaining the only right way

The problem with that is

The “only” position doesn’t hold sway


Seems like moms are divided

Breast is best or is it fed?

Everyone fighting their corner

Sleep train or sleep in mom’s bed?


Parenting gets complicated

What happens when we disagree

Confidence can disappear

We’re judged for doing things differently


We forget the foundation

On which we base our decisions

It’s all about the best interest of our kids

So, what’s up with the derision?


Why are we fighting each other

Seems like we’ve got enough disputes

Is there a solution to the madness?

Maybe we can join a common pursuit


So, we’ve made a community

For moms of all measures  

Welcome to Lubbock City Moms

Where we’re all in this together.

Check out more of Kara’s work on her blog at http://www.mommiles.com/ and follow her daily musings about those two equally funny kids on her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/kara.c.bishop1