I Started Doing This and Became a Better Mom


Since becoming a mom, I’ve struggled with how to structure my days and what to prioritize. Do I try to stay on top of the laundry and cleaning? I’m a stay at home mom, so should most of my time be spent doing activities with my kids? I got to a point where I felt like my days were an endless game of taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I clean the living room and meanwhile my boys are dragging out every toy in their bedrooms. I wash all the clothes, but now I have baskets of clean clothes to put away. Anyone else knows where I am coming from? Of course, you do because it is just part of being a mom.

Something had to change. I was waking up already feeling behind and my kids felt like an inconvenience. I wanted my kids to know that I found joy in being their mom. So I decided I needed to stop letting my kids be my alarm clock.

This may seem like an easy change or a no brainer to you, but this is a big deal for me. Sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m not naturally an early bird, or a night owl either for that matter. However, in the few weeks that I’ve been getting up early, I have already noticed a change in my attitude.

My alarm goes off at 4:50am now. I workout first because it helps me wake up, and also if I put it off, it doesn’t happen. After that, I usually spend a little time doing some things I want to. I spend time in prayer, I read, I check my email, I scroll through Instagram, all while sipping coffee in silence. Then, I can get a good start on things that need to be done such as laundry, cleaning, meal prep, and dishes. By 7:00, I know my kids will be waking up within 30-45 minutes so I get myself dressed and ready for the day. By the time they get up, I’m ready to see them. I’ve had some time to myself and marked some things off of my to-do list. This frees me up to play with them and just enjoy them.

Are there some drawbacks? Absolutely. By dinner time, I am tired. I do go to bed earlier now than I used to. It’s still worth it to me. I don’t want my kids to think back on their childhood and remember me as a grouchy mom.

Maybe getting up early just isn’t your jam. I get that. However, if you are in a place where you aren’t finding any joy in motherhood, I encourage you to reevaluate your life and your days and make necessary changes. Life is precious. Children are precious. Both should be enjoyed.

Any other moms up early? Are you a night owl that finds peace in the late nights? Let me hear from you in the comments!

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Kristen is a native West Texan and a graduate of Texas Tech University. After graduation, she promptly left Lubbock not ever imagining she would return. After almost 10 years away, through a series of fortunate events, she returned to the 806 and has never been happier. She is wife to Clay for almost 7 years and, together, they are raising their 2 spirited boys, ages 1 and 2. Kristen is a stay at home mom who enjoys kid-free trips to Target and sleeping.