Successful Day, Every Day


If you ask a successful mom about the things that have most contributed to her success, I think she’d probably say it’s the ability to focus and be intentional. Even amidst the chaos of a million kids, teething babies, errands, and soccer practice. So, how do you keep your dreams and goals at the top of your mind and in focus?

I’m talking about journaling. Before you hit the back button on this post because you think journaling isn’t for you: hear me out.

This is an exact “how to” for being intentional with your life every day. Every day I don’t do this, I instantly regret it because I’m snapping at my kids, my brain feels scattered and I don’t have a great plan for getting things accomplished. Before I know it, its noon and I haven’t gotten anything done and the more hours that go by, the harder it is to feel productive. Every day this happens, I feel my goals and dreams slipping away.

So I’m going to teach you what I do. I didn’t come up with this concept, mostly this is an accumulation of what I’ve learned from lots of different people I admire on how they “journal” or “meditate” to start the day. Like with most everything, this won’t be exactly what works for everyone, but the idea is to show up, dream big, be intentional and succeed. Whether they are dreams of being CEO of your own company, actually staying caught up with the laundry and keeping your house organized, or finally sticking to that eating and exercise plan. Whatever it is for you, there is a lot more power in setting your intentions and focusing on the outcome you’re after than you might think.


Here is my morning routine: Wake up before my kids (which is much easier to carry out if you don’t have three crying babies at the foot of your bed asking for breakfast or a snack or more water, of course). I grab a glass of water with Lemon Vitality Essential Oil (helps detox your cells from a long night of fasting and makes my brain feel sharp and ready to go), grab a cup of coffee and snuggle back into my bed and get to writing.

  1. Gratitude.

Start with gratitude. A thankful heart is a happy heart. The more that I’m thankful for, the more I think on these things through my entire day and it’s amazing what a little gratitude does for your soul. My momma always told me the happiest people are the most thankful.


  1. Brain dump.

This is the time to write down anything you want, whatever enters your brain. The things that are bothering you, something cute your kid said yesterday that made you smile. This is the time to clear your head and get it all on paper so that what comes next is much easier. (I also take this opportunity to write out my prayers. I pray for my kids, my husband, our church, my business, and whatever is weighing on my mind. Whatever I want to thank God for and to keep the line of communication open always.)


  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Aside from your prayer time, I believe this step might be the most important. Have you ever heard the saying “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he?” It’s Biblical and I think it couldn’t be truer. Write out 3 or 4 things every day as if they have already happened. “I got the promotion that I wanted.” “I stuck to our budget and saved extra money this month.” “I didn’t eat any sugar today and ran an entire mile.”

…or write something even better.

That “something even better” part is for combating the limited belief we might have in ourselves. As humans, I believe we don’t dream big enough and limit ourselves because we lack faith in our ability to achieve those really big things. The “something even better “ part lets our subconscious realize and accept that we can achieve more, even if our brain can’t comprehend it yet.


  1. To do list.

I know lists aren’t for everyone, but this is the time to write out what you need to accomplish for the day. What are the things you specifically need to accomplish today to help you achieve what you dreamed of in step 3? For years, I’ve written out a to-do list in my planner, but lately, I’ve been using the “Any-Do” app. It syncs to my phone and smartwatch and I’m able to add something to my list the second it pops into my head! Nothing gets forgotten this way.


This practice has been instrumental in making me more present with my kids, more diligent with housework and more productive in my business. Even my husband noticed the difference and asked what I had changed. I’m seeing real, tangible results with this method.

I could spend all day on this topic but this should be enough to get you started. If you want an even more detailed example that has inspired me, check out Rachel Hollis’s tips at


Set your intentions every single day and find the will to show up.