An Ode to “Radio”


Radio Flyer Rocking Horse

We were having a boy,
It was almost unreal.
My parents were so excited,
They did something surreal.

They bought a huge horse,
A genuine Radio Flyer.
I had no idea where to put it
But keeping him was dire.

He wore hats and held clothes,
Sitting in my son’s room for years.
Dusty, occasionally ridden
But mostly just sitting there.

My kids were getting older.
Baby things had to go.
I was ready to reclaim my house.
There was no longer room for “Radio.”

I posted him for sale,
He was claimed and picked up.
I helped a lovely grandmother
Load him into her truck.

And as she drove off,
The tears overflowed.
I loaded up some precious memories,
When I got rid of Radio.

No more “Yee haw Horsie!”
No more “Giddy up!”
Because I decided I was done
And was ready to give him up.

I didn’t think it would hit me this hard.
Radio represented so much.
He was the first addition to the nursery
And watched as my kids played and such.

Time can really pick up the pace
Especially when you think it doesn’t.
It was just a barely used rocking horse,
Until the day it wasn’t.