An Open Letter To My Husband


I know this wasn’t our plan. Years before we said “I do” the baby discussion ended with us both happily agreeing to live the child-free life. We made that decision as a couple and we stuck by it even when we were attacked for it. We had our home, our dogs, our freedom, and each other. We were happy that way. Life changed and it changed quickly.

So to my incredible husband… I’m here to say thank you.

Thank you for the awkward but caring hug and back pats you gave me when I was inconsolable upon learning I was pregnant.

Thank you for having an open and honest discussion with me about how you would still love and support me no matter what decision I made.

Thank you for coming to all of my doctors’ appointments despite how scared and unsure we both were.

Thank you for asking all the questions I forgot about when we got to the appointments.

Thank you for not judging me when I bought a $20 ice cream variety pack. Also, for only kind of judging me when I made you hold my cone so I could crawl into bed with my big belly.

Thank you for also gaining some baby weight.

Thank you for being there and holding my hand when we were told Abigail was going to come a little earlier than expected. Scared and unsure once again.

Thank you for finishing packing my bag while I ate Raising Canes so we could make it back to the hospital.

Thank you for not looking.

Thank you for changing all the poopy diapers while were in the hospital.

Thank you for making the nurses teach you to swaddle and being a pro at it!

Thank you for calling the nurse line our second night at home because the baby was making a scary noise. (Spoiler alert: she just had a booger stuck in her nose!)

Thank you for coming home early from a get-together because I forgot my peri bottle.

Thank you for buying a special power plug so I could pump milk in the car during road trips.

Thank you for never making me feel less-than as we tried to figure out this baby thing together.

Thank you for making it possible for me to spend months at home with our baby instead of weeks.

Thank you for making me remember my worth when it came to going back to work.

Thank you for understanding how difficult it was for me to leave her.

Thank you for reminding me I deserve me-time and forcing me to buy clothes to make me look and feel better.

Thank you for doing bath time because we both know that it would never happen if left to me.

Above all thank you for being the best dad that you never planned to be. Thank you for loving us with everything you have and being an incredible example to our sweet daughter about how a man treats his family. We are so lucky to have you on our team.


Your wife who realized she doesn’t thank you enough


  1. Awwww!! Kori both of y’all are phenomenal parents! I promise you time will fly by… Oh sweet memories you’ll have.

  2. Oh how sweet! He’s my son and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He amazes me. He is an example of the best husband and daddy. He loves you both very much.

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