For Your Joyless Clothes


So you have officially “Marie Kondo’d” your closet. Now what? You have all these clothes that gots-to-go and what to do with them? Well, let me back up, if you haven’t watched “Tidying Up” on Netflix then pause reading this, watch it and come back ready! I have recently done this with my own closet and want to share a few ways I made some money (you aren’t going to get what you paid, so go ahead and come to terms with that first) and ways I have donated. 

OPTION 1: Donation

The easiest way to part with things that you feel you wouldn’t be able to resell is donating to a church, Goodwill, or Salvation Army. This is great for kids clothes, adult clothes, and even things around your house that are needing a good home. 

OPTION 2: Online Consignment

I’ve sold a lot of things on Poshmark – an easy app that allows you to sell clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, purses, etc. Simply take pictures, add a description to your item, name a price and post! I’ve had good luck selling name brands like Patagonia, Nike, Jack Rogers, and Kendra Scott. Depending on the condition and item, you can probably get half of your money back (on average) and the buyer is responsible for shipping costs. I keep a stack of Priority Mail envelopes in my laundry room, and when things sell I’m able to pack it up and get it on its way. My only complaint about this system is that I think the shipping is too costly. In a world with free shipping everywhere, it is hard to spend $7 to ship an item. Even though the buyer pays, I think this becomes a factor when people are making offers on an item. Often, a buyer will low ball an offer on your item. There is a back and forth negotiation game that will take place until one side gives up (or you can simply decline). So, when pricing items keep this in mind and possibly price a little higher than you think it will go for. This will give you a little wiggle room. 

A similar option is the site ThredUp. This is an online consignment store that takes a range of items from the department store to high end. There are a couple of options as far as mailing in: you can choose to send your items in a box you have at home and get a label for no charge or you can use a mailing kit from the company. These two options vary in processing time and the kit is guaranteed at one week. There are also several different options for payouts. The best part of this process is that they will donate the stuff they don’t accept. So win-win. They take what they want, donate what they don’t, and it is still all out of your house! However, with these options, I wouldn’t expect a lot of payouts. I have done these and sometimes been disappointed. But, it’s still an easy way to clear out what you need to and hopefully get a few bucks back.

OPTION 3: Local Consignment

If you want to stay close to home with your high-end goods (which is always a great option) then turn to The Exchange. This is a great resource for selling your nice pieces (they takes clothes, jewelry, purses, and shoes) and it is also a good place to find great items at consignment prices. I love that it’s local and the owner is simply wonderful! If you have shopped or sold here, then you already know what a wonderful place it is. They have recently turned the store into an online business, so things are sold through Instagram and soon a website. This option is a consignment set up so remember how that works: they take your items, list for sale, and at the end of the month, you receive a percentage of the proceeds.

OPTION 4: Resale Shop

I think Plato’s Closet is a great place to take some of your odds and ends items and make a little bit of money. They will take what is in season, on trend and in great condition. The staff will sort through your haul right then and there and let you know what they are willing to take. They offer you a certain value for those items and you can accept the offer and walk away with cash in hand. The only drawback with this method is that they may not take as much as you’d like and you might be left with another trip to a donation facility.

Now that you have a few money making options laid out, go forth and purge that closet! Let’s be honest, you gotta make room for next season right?


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