Traveling with Children


Traveling with children is frightening. I have done it quite a bit for the last 4 years with my kids and I have found a few things that have made it less daunting.


Tip Number 1: My first piece of advice for traveling with children is starting them early. I started traveling with both of my children when they were 4 weeks old. Getting them used to travel will take a few times.  I have taken my kids in airplanes and in cars, and I have come out on the other side alive.

Tip Number 2: I have found in my 3 years of traveling in the car with my kids, the earlier you can get on the road the better.  This means leaving before the sun is up. Kids are able to go back to sleep while it is still dark outside, and when you get to your destination they will have time to run around before bedtime. You should start out knowing that it is going to take more time than what your GPS is telling you. Give yourself ample time to get to your destination and include stops to feed, use the restroom, change diapers, or just take a break from the car.  I say this, but we have a rule in our car that is everyone is quiet and we don’t stop (seriously, no matter what).

Tip Number 3: For traveling in the car or on an airplane you will need plenty of snacks. These snacks need to be within reach and easy to open. Also, buy some new inexpensive shiny things from the Target “Dollar Spot” that can help hold the attention of your little ones. Things like finger puppets, spiral notebooks with colored pencils, invisible ink coloring books, felt boards and their favorite storybooks.  If you have the ability to watch movies, this is always a good thing to have up your sleeve if things start getting a little wild. If you have a device you can let them use for the trip, get headphones to go with them. This is a good way to give your kids something to do, and your ears a little bit of a break. The most important thing is to have plenty of different things that you can use to help pass the time.


Traveling with children can be mortifying and it will try your patience, but it is doable.  Remember, everyone has to travel with their kids. Most people have been there and get that it isn’t easy. Be prepared, take your time, and travel safely!  

What other tips do people have to make traveling with children more manageable? Comment below!