May: The Worst Month of the Year


It’s upon us friends… the smell of summer. I can hear the cheers erupting now! We can see the finish line, but we have one big event in front of us that we must do first. The. Last. Month. Of. School.

May and December are the two worst months of the year when you have school-aged children. I don’t even really know why they meet the last week or two. Actually, that’s not true. I do know why. It’s because of attendance requirements that equate to funding for the school. As a mom to three kids, who thankfully can dress themselves, you would think this month wouldn’t be so bad. Yet, it still is. It’s quite terrible actually. None of the children want to get up. And they sure don’t want to look presentable. That’s just asking entirely too much. And by this time of the year, I’ve lowered my standards so much, I don’t think I really care anymore either. I’m just trying to keep the children alive and if they’ve got on clean clothes, then my job has been done.

If you have never read Jen Hatmaker’s blog that she wrote years ago about the end of school, stop what you’re doing right now, and check it out here. I read it every year about this time for a good giggle.

I’ve made a short list of a few of the things I think are helpful to get us through this insane month:

1. Be nice to yourself: You can not do everything. You can not be everywhere. Unless cloning ever becomes an option, there’s only one of you.
2. Call in the troops: If you have extended family that might be able to help with practices, programs, and parties, ask for help! Sometimes you must pick and choose, because again as stated in number 1,  you can not be everywhere.
3. Make dinners simple: I feel like I’m winning if we’re eating at home 3 nights a week, honestly. That may seem like a low standard for some, but it just depends on what you’re involved in and season of life you’re in. This is my season for simple!
4. Don’t add any commitments to this month: Things are going to naturally pop up that you didn’t know we’re going to happen. “Oh, you mean you have another concert?” If you’re like me, you got the email, or the note, but didn’t read it. Tell your girlfriends you’ll see them in June, and just take care of your household. That alone is enough.
5. Don’t wish it away! There will be a day when there are no class parties or concerts to attend. Don’t let the stress of everything make you lose sight of the greatest years of your life. They truly are such a blessing. It can just be so hard to see in the middle of the chaos sometimes.

May comes once a year and I’m always glad when it’s over. I love the summer – being barefoot in the grass in the warm weather. I love swimming and the lackadaisical way the season reminds me of summers at my grandparents’ house. It’s a time of memories for me. Per the norm for all parents of school-aged children, around the last week in July or the first week in August, we’ll all start complaining “that we can’t wait for these kids to go back to school.” The lazy days will be over and we’ll be ready for school to start and routines to be back in place. For now, though, May can’t be gone fast enough! Come on summer!