Teaching My Preschooler How To Tell Time with Preschool Collection


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My four-year-old daughter, RAD, and I were given a Preschool Collection Preschool Clock™ and a Unicorn Silicone Preschool Watch™ to check out. We were both very excited to open these boxes.

First of all, the boxes that they come in are super cute – nice and bright! I love all of the different educational opportunities that these products offer. You can talk about colors, animals, big and small, and of course, the concept of time. The purpose of these symbols is to teach kiddos using a measurement of time that they understand right now: animals = minutes and colors = hours. RAD has an older brother with a watch, so when she saw this, she knew exactly what to do and was so excited to have a watch of her own!

The clock and watch have been so great at setting limits to activities, a time of day (lunch time, time for dance class, bedtime, and etc.), and great at reinforcing what animal and/or color is this? To what number is the big hand pointing? A great way to help kids understand when things will happen is to give them a defined activity at a certain symbol like “we will leave the playground when the big hand is on the dog.” We also have been comparing her watch to mine to start learning the actual time. She loves to wear her watch. Sometimes she decides to leave it in the car so that she doesn’t lose it. Her watch is a prized possession and that really says everything about how she feels about it.

The wall clock is just as great! It comes with removable activity stickers to show when it’s bedtime, or when it’s time to brush teeth or take a bath. It also includes numeral stickers so your child can advance to telling time, which is pretty cool because it will grow with your family. My biggest piece of advice is to find these stickers and put them in a safe place that you will remember! I didn’t notice the stickers when we got the wall clock out of the box and found them later all over RAD’s room! *facepalm*

The watches come in super cool designs: unicorn, dinosaurs, tractor, firefighter, princess, and mermaid, so there should be one for everyone. The colors on the watches are super bright, very colorful, and so far haven’t faded.

Overall, I highly recommend using the wall clock and the watch to help your preschooler learn how to tell time. Have you thought about a watch for your preschooler? What are you looking for in a preschool watch or clock?

Check out Preschool Collection’s website here: https://preschoolcollection.com/

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