Five Friday Favorites: February 26th Edition


    My most favorite thing to do these days is listening to podcasts.

    Sometimes I venture out of my True Crime category, but I always find my way back. I am getting through with a little help from Phoebe. Criminal and This is Love is my #1 and #2 picks. I love them so much that when it is time to wait for a new season, I go back to the first and listen all again. 









    #3 is for all my Dog Lover Friends!

    Have I got the tool for you! I found the Portable Lint Remover on Amazon. It came in a two-pack for $18.89. Good thing because our Galy girl had a field day chewing up stuff while we were out and then hid it all in the couch cushions! I have tried all sorts of items to take care of all the dog hair we have. This one COMPLETELY does the trick! 

    #4 HTeaO is my new stop for tea.

    I have yet to order, and it tastes like the container it is in needs to be bleached. That is an A++ in my book. They also have Happy Hour from 2-4, making drinks half price. Did someone say, “I will take a Large Regular Sweet for a buck and some change, Alex?” Located at 6704 Milwaukee. Head that way and tell them Jules sent ya. They won’t know who you are talking about, but they will happily help you anyway!

    #5 Pine-Sol.

    That is right, good ol’ Pine-Sol. Oh no, I rarely use it for cleaning. I put the drain plug in my kitchen sink. Pour a capful or two of Pine-Sol in. Turn on the water until it is about 1/4 full… most of the time, I overfill. THEN, I go to work. When I come home, it smells like someone cleaned my house while I was gone. It is instant gratification! Found at pretty much any grocery store across the land. I get mine through grocery pick up at Wal-Mart. 

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