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This is a sponsored guest post brought to you by Taylor McAlpine, founder of Local LBK.

People always say that Lubbock is a great place to raise a family, which is a very true statement! We have three strong school districts and a plethora of private and alternative school options. The cost of living is low, so that means more money can be set aside for family activities or vacations to relax and make memories. The grid infrastructure means it only takes 15 minutes to get about anywhere in town. We also have a growing downtown, a significant cultural and arts district, and 73 public parks and spaces to enjoy the outdoors!

It’s ironic, though, that “It’s a great place to raise a family” is often said in a way to excuse the “lack of things to do” or mask the feeling of not having anything else better to say about Lubbock.

That is why we are partnering up with Lubbock Moms to make sure you never run out of things to do and that you get to experience what Lubbock has to offer genuinely!

And that’s part of my own story! I grew up here, but it wasn’t until college that I started exploring and discovering so much about our community. I found things like two-stepping at Wild West (RIP) with a group of friends, walking around and meeting the vendors at the Downtown Farmers Market, riding the trolley around during the First Friday Art Trail, or getting a bbq buffet lunch out at Four Bar K.

It was fascinating to me! There was so much of Lubbock that I had never heard of or experienced that have become my favorite memories and things to do! 

So while I was in college, I started an Instagram account called Local LBK to document my experiences. If there were places I was just learning about, I was sure that others would want to see what else is out there and get a local’s perspective. Well, over five years, that Instagram account grew to 11k followers, and we have built a community of people and businesses that are all working together to help others to Live Like a Local!

So what does it mean to Live Like a Local? Well, to us, it means experiencing a community and learning the cultures, cuisine, and stories of those around us! It’s sitting on the front porch and checking in on your neighbors. It’s partnering with local nonprofits to help those in need in our community. It’s getting excellent customer service when you support local businesses and getting to know the owners of your favorite mom and pop shops. It’s volunteering at your kids’ school or the neighborhood clean up event. It’s about bringing a community together through shared experiences and relationships to make a place better!

What encourages me about Lubbock is so many of us are already doing a lot of these things! And what excites me is the fact that organizations like Lubbock Moms and Local LBK  are partnering together to make it even easier for you to know what’s going on, how to impact your community, and how to get more out of life for you and your family.

Through this partnership, we are excited to announce the launch of the Local LBK app and Rewards Program! The Local LBK app is a community resource to keep up with events. It features a killer directory of 80+ local and independent organizations that genuinely reflect how unique and diverse our city is!

From there, we have built a program that gives members access to exclusive rewards and discounts! For a monthly subscription fee of just $5, you get access to these rewards, member-only events, and you become part of a community of people that are actively shaping Lubbock in positive ways through your everyday actions.

Are you looking for a fun date night? We have free chips and queso with an entree at La Sirena! Are you looking for dessert? Get 10% off at Holly Hop Ice Cream Shop! Are you looking for activities for your kids this summer? Get 10% off at Miss Megan’s Make Room and her awesome art kits! Need a new outfit? Get 15% off at River Bleu! These are just a few of the deals offered through the Local LBK mobile app. For more exclusive discounts and promotions, download and subscribe today! 

And if you sign up through the link below, not only are you experiencing more of what Lubbock has to offer while saving money, but you are directly supporting Lubbock Moms and their ability to keep creating amazing content and resources for parenting and life in the LBK!

Now, it’s your turn to explore your hometown and experience all that Lubbock has to offer! Become a regular at the diner down the road. Make friends with the barista you see once a week. Share a story with the owner at your favorite boutique. Try the ethnic restaurant that you’ve heard fantastic things about!

While shopping (safely), you’ll love saving money while knowing every time a reward is redeemed, and one of our members is supported, you are making Lubbock a better place!

Join Local LBK and partner with us and Visit Lubbock in showcasing our great city, saving money, and supporting our community!


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Hey y’all, my name is Taylor McAlpine! I am the founder and co-owner of a business called Local LBK. We’re big fans of the LBK. You may have heard of us or seen our social media accounts as we’ve shown experiences and stories about local and independent businesses in Lubbock. If you haven’t, we’d love for you to follow us and to hear your story!