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Hey Mama, hey mama, hey….

My name is Kara Cash Bishop and I’m so excited to be a founding contributor of Lubbock Moms Blog! I’ve been married for over 8 years now to Wes (aka Mr. Bish) and have two kids: a four-year-old boy named Cash (who I will refer to as Doofus in most of my posts) and a two-year-old girl named Chloe (she’s got multiple names: Diva, punk diva princess, and rabid squirrel monkey). I’m brutally honest and 98 percent sarcastic. I love my kids but sometimes I do not. I love my husband but he drives me absolutely insane most days. I never thought I would be this obsessed with poop (consistency, shape, size, frequency, etc.) and I never dreamed I would be able to nurse a baby while plunging a toilet.

I say all that to say that I get it. Motherhood is HARD. Even for those of us who have it super good (aka ME), it’s still hard. And I want you to know that I’m not afraid to talk about how hard it is and how much it stinks sometimes. It’s awesome, but it can stink…literally.

My goal is to write things that make you laugh and maybe even move you to tears occasionally. But all of it will be REAL. I won’t take poetic license and I won’t refrain from the hard stuff. This community should be about the support we can offer and receive from each other. Let’s do this!


Here is a bit about my decision to call Lubbock home:

Why Lubbock?

It’s just always been Lubbock for me. I grew up on a ranch 80 miles east in Afton, Texas. No one knows where that is so no sweat if you’ve never heard of it. Lubbock was the closest, high-quality grocery store and my sister took tennis lessons in Lubbock two to three times a week so I’ve been in and around Lubbock my entire life. My husband moved here in 2007 from East Texas and thankfully loves it here, too, so we stayed.

What are the best things about Lubbock?

I love that Lubbock has some big-city amenities while still maintaining the small-town feel. The absolute best thing for me is that my entire family is here practically, which is really fun and I never run out of people who can watch my kids (for real – finding childcare can be the WORST).

What would you change about Lubbock?

The only thing I can come up with right now in my sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated brain is the drainage system. We very rarely need it but when there comes a flash flood the roads become lakes. I finally got smart and drive an SUV now, but back when I was cruising in my 1995 Buick Regal, I didn’t have a prayer — stall-out city. I don’t have a solution, I just get tired of all the water sitting on the roads. Really deep thinking happening over here.


I’m excited about this journey … 2019 is going to be awesome.

~ KB


  1. Nice article. Loved the intro. I’m a new mom of an almost 2 week old and it’s so much harder than I ever thought it would be. I’m glad there’s a resource in Lubbock for moms!

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