Lubbock Moms Holiday Glo-Up with Glo and Spa-rkle MedSpa


The first week of December, Lubbock Moms hosted a Mom’s Night Out Exclusive Glo-Up event at Glo & Spa-rkle Aesthetics and MedSpa located at 10607 Quaker Ave Suite 103.

Glo & Spa-rkle is Lubbock’s newest medical spa staffed with knowledgable, friendly, and medically certified Aestheticians.

When you walk through the door, you are welcomed with scents of relaxation and tranquility – your shoulders immediately relax and your breathing slows. No detail is spared, and each room of the building is perfectly equipped for services while still maintaining a peaceful spa environment.

Two spa beds are situated next to each other with a machine in between.
Every room is comfortable and spacious and smells wonderful!

The Event

After checking in at the front desk, moms stepped into the spacious foyer. We were greeted with “Merry Mimosas” from Lubbock Mom’s resident mixologist Denay Hooks, French Style cheesecake from Gateau De Jil, and a beautiful charcuterie board with a homemade ranch-cucumber-dill dip from Wine Carafe’d Charcuterie.

Three cheesecakes are displayed on stands decorated with greenery.
You cannot go wrong with cheesecake! Call today and order yours!
A tray is filled with meats, cheeses, crackers, and vegetables.
I hope you’re hungry! Perfect for any party.

The Services

Glo & Spa-rkle offers various services for everyone – no matter age or skin type. We moved from each room and learned about the service provided and the benefit, and how long to expect typical results. Not once during any of the presentations did it feel like we were being sold a product; instead, we were being informed and educated about common insecurities that moms need a safe way to resolve.

A dark haired woman speaks to a group of women about medical spa treatments.
Glo and Spa-rkle employs only licensed and professional aestheticians.

Raise your hand if you tinkle when you giggle? Thanks, pregnancy!

Glo & Spa-rkle MedSpa offers a state-of-the-art machine that can’t be found within a 300-mile radius that helps strengthen your pelvic floor. Benefits of improving your pelvic floor? No more tinkle when you giggle! The service is called EmSella. During a session, you’ll experience intense but not uncomfortable contractions targeting your pelvic floor resulting in at least 12,000 Kegel exercises in a single session.




A woman sits on a blue machine in blue jeans and a sweater. A man stands beside her pushing buttons on the machine control panel.
Set it and forget it? Eh? 😉

Six sessions are recommended for optimal results; however, I could tell the difference after half of a trial session.

I invested in my confidence.

Before going to the event, I researched the Neo Elite treatment. I have spent a lot of time and money figuring out ways to get rid of acne scars, annoying chin hairs, and discolored pigment.

Not all skin types are created equal, but this MedSpa can confidently state that its services are safe for all. Within a few minutes of looking at my problem areas and likely seeing the embarrassment of those areas on my face, Dr. Johnson-Harris quickly answered every question I had about laser treatment before I even had the opportunity to ask.

I booked my appointment.

Correction. I invested in my confidence.

It brings tears to my eyes, knowing that in a few short months, years of covering up will be corrected. I genuinely believe that’s the overall goal of Glo & Spa-rkle – to return confidence and sparkle into the eyes of every client.

Overall, the event was truly memorable and the perfect way to end one year and begin a new one.

For more information about services and to schedule your consultation, contact Glo & Spa-rkle Aesthetics and MedSpa to schedule your consultation.