Lubbock, Meet Libby


I have always been a voracious reader. Reading is an escape for me. It’s a way to relax and unwind. Fiction or nonfiction, it doesn’t matter – I devour it all! The one genre I can’t stomach is cheesy romantic books. I will never be the friend that gives you a Nicholas Sparks suggestion, but if you love dark mysteries, I’m your girl. I think Gillian Flynn and I would get along great!

Naturally, as a reader, I love the library. I always have. Lubbock has a fantastic public library system that you should really check out! They were even super nice to me when my 2-year-old kept running on the stage and dancing in the middle of storytime! Obviously, my kids are not library trained so, for me, spending time searching for the perfect book to read is out of the question. It is also not always convenient for me to get back to the library to return the book in a timely manner. Enter, Libby.

Libby is the app that is connected to the Lubbock Public Library so that you can borrow e-books and audiobooks with a few clicks. You must go to the library to get a library card first (if you don’t have one), but after that, you can do everything from home! According to the Lubbock Public Library website, Libby has thousands of e-books and audiobooks at your disposal.

You can check out books on Libby and either choose to read them on the Libby app or have them sent to your preferred reading device (Kindle for me). Is the book you want to read already checked out? No worries! Libby allows you to place holds on up to 8 books you want to read. As soon as the book is available it will automatically be checked out to you and an email is sent to let you know. You also don’t have to try and remember to return your book because it will automatically be returned on the due date. I do try and be courteous though and return it early if I finish before the due date, especially if there is a waiting list.

Bottom line, the Lubbock Public Library system has made it super easy for busy moms to still take a break from the real world and escape into a book. If I had more time, I would prefer to read an actual physical book instead of a digital copy. There’s just something satisfying about turning those pages and I think it’s beneficial for my boys to see me with a book in my hand instead of another piece of technology. However, that’s just not feasible for me all the time during this stage of life, so I am super grateful for Libby and my Kindle. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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Kristen is a native West Texan and a graduate of Texas Tech University. After graduation, she promptly left Lubbock not ever imagining she would return. After almost 10 years away, through a series of fortunate events, she returned to the 806 and has never been happier. She is wife to Clay for almost 7 years and, together, they are raising their 2 spirited boys, ages 1 and 2. Kristen is a stay at home mom who enjoys kid-free trips to Target and sleeping.